A sunny weekend in London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of my favourite florists. Now that summer is fast approaching (I know it doesn’t feel like it with the recent storms but trust me, it is) it’s time to start making that weekend to-do wish list! So I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite florists to visit in London this summer. What better way to brighten your day than to pick up a beautiful bunch of blooms and spruce up your front room. I often do that, especially on dull days when I need a bit of a pick-me-up! I would love to hear if you guys have visited any of the below and always remember to keep #LivingColourfully!

Moyses Stevens

Moyses Stevens has been around since 1876, so no wonder they have mastered the bouquet! They really do put together the most exquisite bunches. You can choose one the ready made arrangements or hand pick your bouquet whilst they make it in front of you (my favourite option!). They provide wonderful floral smells in candle form too! They have a few florists in London, Regent Street, Kings Cross St Pancras station, Sloane Square, you name it. My personal favourite is the little store in Belgravia, on Elizabeth Street. When you walk in it doesn’t feel like a chain of florists, it feels like an independent florist in a quaint little village. The staff are super friendly and it seems to be full of locals. OH and I haven’t even mentioned how gorgeous their floral facades always are! You can go to Moyses if you need flowers for a party, a wedding or just want something to brighten up your coffee table.

You can find your nearest Moyses Stevens boutique on their website.

Neill Strain

I discovered Neill Strain whilst I was passing through the confectionary department at Harrods. That’s right, they’re right next to the chocolates! So this is the perfect place to treat yourself over the weekend. Honestly, their prices are a little steep, but you’ll understand why once you see how impeccably perfect their flowers are. They also have some pretty rare and unique species that you won’t find in most florists in London, so Neill Strain is definitely the one to go to if you’re looking for something special.


Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm

That Flower Shop @ Ace Hotel

You’ll know when it’s open, the street will be over flowing with plants, flowers and cacti. ‘That Flower Shop’ is GREAT for succulents and house plants, basically anything that you could possibly need to add a bit of nature to your home! The sign on the door says ‘welcome to the jungle’ which is very fitting, the inside is incredibly lush and overflowing with beautifully large leafed plants.

PS – it’s part of the Ace Hotel so make sure you have a cocktail in their bar first before you pick up your new garden additions!

Nearest tube station: Shoreditch High Street
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 9am – 6pm Sun: 10am – 4pm


McQueens are known for creating the most breath taking floral displays (like the Mulberry fashion show pictured above). So if you’re looking for an events or corporate florist, this is the one for you. They provide weekly deliveries for some of the best hotels, restaurants and establishments in London. They’ve also just been commissioned to create not one but two installations at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show (buy tickets here) Both of their installations are based on the hero of the plant world, the bee. Anyway I digress, they’re main hub is in East London, near Bethnal Green station and their other London based store is in Claridges.

Find out more about their locations and opening hours here.

Petersham Nurseries

It wouldn’t be a round up of my favourite florists without mentioning Petersham Nurseries. If you haven’t been to this floral wonderland in Richmond then you should absolutely set aside a day to go! You can make a day of it, go for coffee then have a stroll around the garden centre before stopping for lunch. They’re celebrating their 15th anniversary this year so they have a tonne of events coming up during the summer months. If you can’t make it all the way out to Richmond, get a taste of Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden. When you’re doing perusing their shop they have a delicatessen, a la carte restaurant, and bar, all connected by a floral court which I guarantee will be one of the nicest places to unwind during the summer.

Nearest tube station: Richmond or Covent Garden
Click here to find out about their upcoming events and opening hours.


Wild at Heart

In the mix of my top florists in London is of course Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart. You know the iconic entrance at Liberty? Courtesy of Wild at Heart! The original Wild at Heart florist is part of the Turquoise Island in Notting Hill and there’s another in Pimlico… So you really have no excuse not to visit! One thing that I LOVE about Nikki Tibbles is that not only does she bring amazing floral designs into our lives, she has also used her platform to set up the Wild At Heart Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping stray dogs around the world (you can follow her updates on instagram).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of fabulous florists in London. If you’re visiting my hometown this summer please do let me know which ones you go and see by connecting on Instagram! And remember to keep #LivingColourfully…

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