Have you noticed that the blossoms seem to be out in full force already? Generally speaking, this beautiful occurrence starts much later in the spring, usually during April, but because we’ve had such a mild winter they have decided to make an early appearance! In this article I will be taking you through some of my FAVOURITE places in London to spot the blossoms so you can find that picture perfect spring moment.

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1. Notting Hill

The blossom trees in Notting Hill come in SO many shades, it’s a real treat for the eyes. Not to mention how beautifully they are contrasted by bold and pastel colourful houses. The deep pink sakura in front of a wonderfully rich purple house is one of my personal favourite blossoms in Notting Hill (pictured above) – you can find this tree on Portobello Road. There are, of course, plenty of parks where you can find wonderful blossoms but I LOVE the naturally occurring ones found on our residential streets. Roam the roads of Farmer St and Hillgate place, right outside Notting Hill Station and you will be pleasantly surprised. And if you’re looking for that real sakura fix, head to Stanley Crescent. Beware though, on a sunny day you won’t be the only one out there with your camera!!

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2. Kensington & Chelsea

There are so many reasons to visit Kensington & Chelsea. They have incredible shopping (Harrods, to be precise), beautiful restaurants and the houses are something most of us can only dream of owning… But oh my do we love looking at them, particularly during blossom time! Chelsea and all of its sensational white and colourful houses (I especially love colourful Godrey Street and Bywater Street) are full of magnolia, cherry blossom and wisteria bloom. The snap below is one of my favourites I’ve ever taken (which you can purchase as a print from my print shop) and was snapped on the corner of St Leonard’s Terrace and Royal Avenue. When you take a stroll around Chelsea and stumble across a beautiful blossom, do share your image on Instagram and tag my page @ShopVictoriasStories, I’d love to see what you guys discover!

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3. St Paul’s

St Paul’s Cathedral attracts people from all over the world, all year round, but I think there’s something particularly special about it during the spring. The way the light hits the building on a sunny morning or during golden hour is really magical. You also couldn’t ask for better framing than a cherry blossom tree, could you!? Once you’ve finished taking in the views from outside, you can head into the cathedral and take in the awe-inspiring interior whilst uncovering fascinating stories about its history. Find information on tickets here. And if that’s not enough head to Madison rooftop bar for the most sensational views of the cathedral from above!

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4. Primrose Hill

Have you ever been to Chalk Farm? It’s tucked between peaceful Primrose Hill and vibrant Camden Town, making it the perfect balance between both worlds! It’s also had a few celebrity residents, including Jude Law, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s very a very pretty town and has a lovely homely atmosphere, which can feel hard to find so close to the centre of London. Historically, Chalk Farm was a place filled with artists, writers and actors because of it’s eloquent and inspiring charm. Head there for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course, keep your eye out for the wonderful blossoms!

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5. Greenwich Park & Battersea Park

There are so many beautiful parks that blossom during spring but the blossom you find in Greenwich Park and Battersea Park are something special. It will take you some time to hunt them down but when you start to see crowds of people with their cameras at the ready and a sky of pink bloom, you’ll know you’ve found it. Greenwich Park’s blossom has always been one of my favourites, so last year I dragged my fiancé Luca down to the park to have an engagement photoshoot with my dear friend Roberta Facchini (who is an amazing wedding and engagement photographer btw!). An entire avenue in the park turns pink and on a warm day people gather to have romantic picnics on a bed of blossom petals. If this doesn’t scream picture perfect then I don’t know what does!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to spotting the blossoms in London! Remember to share any you find with me on Instagram! Make the most of this spring and remember to keep #LivingColourfully!

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