Coming to the end of January and the coldest of the winter months still ahead of us, it can seem like a pretty challenging time of year here in London. Fret not! There are lots of things you can do to fill your home with happiness now and throughout the entire year. Coming back or waking up in a happy home is so important for our wellbeing so here are my 5 simple tips for a happier home in 2019!

1. Art in the bedroom

Wake up and be inspired every morning. Imagery and art are such powerful tools in lifting your mood so why not make sure it’s one of the first things you see each day? Inspiration is of course subjective, so figure out what works for you. Are you into photographic prints, abstract art or minimalism? Whichever medium takes your fancy, stick to cool colours. Blue, green and purple all evoke feelings of calm. If photographic prints are your thing, shop my travel print photos right here – you can expect wanderlust photos from Italy, Greece, London and Paris. (HINT: #RoyaleParis #RusticMykonos and #LoveVenezia are our top picks for blissful dreaming!)

Co-orindate your prints with your home styleDecorate your home with my travel prints!



2. Weekly flower delivery from Bloom & Wild

Now you don’t need to be an interior design guru to know that flowers = happiness. Plants have remarkable powers when it comes to improving emotional health. Research has shown that simply being in the presence of flowers can elevate your mood significantly. There is something calming and uplifting about having a fresh vase of flowers in your front room, they bring a feeling of joy and relaxation.

Not all of us have time to pick up a bunch or even live near a florist, so instead why not have flowers delivered monthly or even weekly to your front door? Bloom & Wild delivers expertly designed handpicked bouquets in little cardboard boxes delivered right through your door! Each week new bouquets are created based on what is seasonal and inspired by popular culture, fashion and interiors trends. All of their bouquets will be enjoyed for seven days or longer and you can choose how frequently you’d like your delivery to fit every budget and requirement!

Here are my top 3 house plants for lifting ambience:

Bromeliads: Known for their colourful foliage and long-lasting flowers, they require very little care and do well in low light conditions, perfect for winter!

Dahlias: With a vast range of hues from bronze to red and white to purple, there’s a Dahlia for everyone. They can also be grown throughout the year so no need to wait for spring! The Dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is a symbol of commitment and a strong bond that will last forever.

Jasmine: Give Jasmine a few hours of sunlight a day and she will give you a scent known for it’s calming properties. The Jasmine plant is also known as the ‘cool beauty of the night’ as it’s flowers only open after dark.

3. Scent matters

Speaking of scent, interior designers will always tell you, the fragrance of a home matters just as much as the appearance. If you want to be reminded of just how good your home smells as often as possible, switch up the scents in each room. Citrus notes such as orange and lemon keep bathrooms fresh whilst romantic vanilla, cinnamon and or lavender maintain a cosy feel in common areas. A couple of personal favourites of mine, are Roja, recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house. One of my absolutely favourite scents by Roja is Gardenia.  Jo Loves, created by English scent maverick Jo Malone has some really great scents too, I particularly love NO.42 The Flower Shop, inspired by 42 Elizabeth St which used to be a florist she worked in as a teenager. Interesting fact: 42 Elizabeth St is now the home of the Jo Loves boutique in London!

4. Scatter a little sunshine

The colour yellow represents optimism, creativity, emotional strength and friendliness. It’s been dubbed one of the most effective colours on mood, so make your home POP with sprinkles of yellow here, there and everywhere. Come rain or shine your home will always radiate happiness. You can also use yellow to draw attention to the parts of your home you are particularly proud of. New coffee table you want to get noticed? Add a yellow vase. Is your sofa the staple of your living room? Pretty little yellow cushions!

Here are some homeware pieces to get you started that won’t break the bank:

Yellow lampshade from H&M
Scented candle from H&M
Lace trim cushion cover from Zara
Ceramic vase with diamonds from Zara
Photo frame from Zara

Imagery sourced from @zilverblauw on Instagram

5. Soften your edges

Finally, for those of you looking to make bigger changes in your home, upgrade your furniture. Pieces of furniture with round corners and edges are much easier on the eye than angular shapes and create a cosy, welcoming environment. If you’ve just bought a sofa with squared off edges, no need to panic! Invest in cushions and throws to give your home that soft and cosy touch through the winter months.

Oliver Bonas has such a wonderful collection of furniture pieces and accessories, as does Atkin & Thyme.

Here are a couple of my favourites products:

Why not kill two birds with one stone and feed your need for pops of yellow at Akin & Thyme!?


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