As the years go by I am getting more and more savvy with my travel accessories. From phone charger packs to travel skin-care sets, the more you travel, the more succinct your packing and travel accessories are. I recently stumbled upon Katie Loxton, a perfectly feminine handbag brand specialising in a range of bags from their perfect pouches to cute crossbody bags. They do all different styles of bags, in a variety of colours and all at great price points. I had to get my hands on one of gorgeous pieces and given that I have a range of travel plans coming up this year, I decided to partner with Katie Loxton and share my favourite set of bags perfect for your next travel adventure!

 What I love most about Katie Loxton handbags is firstly how wonderfully feminine they are and secondly, the fact that they are animal-friendly given that the bags are not made out of leather. One of their key creations is the perfect pouch, pictured above. Not only is this ‘Love is All Around’ pouch light, easy to pack but it also comes in a wide range of colours, all embossed with sweet and empowering messages. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a friend (can’t think of a better birthday or bridesmaids gift than a cute pouch with a sweet message on the front!) they are really the ideal thing to pop in your luggage for your next trip. Priced at just £16.99, the perfect pouches can just slide into your suitcase to be used when you’re headed down to dinner, or if you’re off to the beach and want to keep your important items safely zipped away. Such a gorgeous piece from their handbag range and one I can imagine getting in a number of different colours!!

Next up is the stylish Amelie Bamboo tote. I love its ode to Gucci with its bamboo-style handles and creamy leather-like finish. It’s the perfect tote to pop your essentials into if, like me, you love getting out of the house and working from a cute cafe. With it’s zip over the top, it keeps all of your belongings secure and is deep enough to fit key items in like a laptop, important work documents, or whatever else you might need. Whatsmore, given how long and thin this bag is, it should be easy to pop in your hand luggage, not taking up too much of that vital space we need when packing our life into a tiny carry-on! Sometimes practicality is best when you’re travelling, in the form of a backpack or crossbody, but if you’re just popping out for a few hours and want to keep your accessories classy, this stylish tote would be your best bet!

Now speaking of practicality, you can’t get more practical than a backpack. Again, I love the creamy grey leather-like finish of Katie Loxton’s ‘Bea’ backpack and also how clean and minimal its design is. I’m all about having my handsfree and carrying stuff on my back, but honestly I’m not into typical functional backpacks, I’d much prefer a more elegant choice such as this grey one. And if grey isn’t your colour they also do it in black, which is naturally far easier to keep clean. What I like most about this backpack is the size, it holds the perfect amount of important items for a day out sightseeing. Pictured here, I’m wearing it while snapping the beautiful London sky with my Olympus camera, however I’m quite sure I could fit my big Canon DSLR in this bag (with one lens, multiple wouldn’t fit in here). It comes with an inner tie so you can make sure your personal items and safe and secure, and is honestly a great holiday purchase for your next trip that’s packed with lots of walking and sightseeing!

My second last bag from my Katie Loxton collection would have to be their Pretty Poppy Scalop bag in blush pink tote bag. Don’t you just adore the scalloped finish?! I can imagine throwing in my beach stuff whilst abroad and heading down to catch some rays. Now although I would love to use this bag as an everyday work tote, I would avoid doing so purely down to the fact that the top of the bag has no zip so wouldn’t keep your personal items as secure. With this in mind, you could pop your laptop in there, but keep it in cover/case or drawstring bag so it’s a little more secure. Alternatively, if you love this bag, maybe use it for your next gym class or for a day at the beach, where you won’t be so worried about some greedy hands somehow grabbing your phone/purse. This pretty in pink purchase would be the ideal accessory to keep your holiday wardrobe fun and girlie!

Last but not least is the Chloe Bucket bag. Every girl needs a great crossbody, especially when on holiday. My mum has always gotten on to me about keeping my handbag across my body, in front of me away from prying eyes, and this gorgeous turquoise bag from Katie Loxton is ideal for that. If a backpack isn’t your cup of tea when on holiday, a crossbody bag like this could be a great answer. It’s big enough to fit in all your important items: your sunglasses, guidebook, camera (maybe even a small DSLR), suncream and so on! I also love the gorgeous, happy pastel tone of bag, which also comes in pink, greys and blues and priced at just £49.99 you won’t have to break your bank for a stylish vacation handbag.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini Katie Loxton edit and that I’ve given you some great accessories inspo for your upcoming travels this year. If I had to choose which bag I liked the most, I really can’t say – I think all of them would keep you stylish and practical in their own way when you’re Out of Office! I know I’ll be making great use of these gorgeous pieces on my next trip…. which reminds me, I better get packing!

Photography by me and Nathan Rollinson


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