I know you have probably been bombarded with New Year’s resolution posts, but I wanted to share mine as a source for inspiration, since I myself enjoy reading other people’s resolutions and feel inspired. I usually take the first week of January to reflect on the year gone, particularly what I have learnt and what I would change for the year to come. I think whilst jogging, whilst taking a shower, whilst trying to get to sleep and just mull over my resolutions for this year, finally narrowing it down to my final few.

2018 was a very positive year for me. It didn’t come without its challenges, of course –¬†lots of change and evolution in my work meant lots of questions, ideas and worries to go with it. I opened my print shop, focused more on my travel photography and hired an assistant, three big changes that were both positive and scary at the same time. When you work for yourself you have no one to tell you what direction to take your business or what the next steps are, you really call all the shots yourself, so your resolutions are almost like your work goals for the year. I don’t have an annual review or a manager observing how I work and giving me tips on how I can improve, so I have to take a step back and do that for myself. And regardless of if you do work as part of a wider team or for yourself, it’s important to recognise how you can make yourself a better individual whatever your situation, and for me that is creating and sharing a list of resolutions.


My previous resolutions have been to learn to say no (I hate missing out on stuff!!) but I’m altering that target slightly and challenging myself to prioritise. This might include saying no to a night out, but saying yes to a great work opportunity. I want to learn to prioritise what I choose to do, because time is sparse in a big city like London and you really cannot do it all! I’m definitely getting better at learning to choose what is best for me in that moment in time. Maybe a glass of wine with the girls is exactly what I need, or maybe a visit to an art gallery or travelling to a new destination is what the doctor ordered – it’s all about being in touch with my wants and needs


Last year I started reading Marie Kondo’s book “Spark Joy”. She talks about bringing more joy into your life by getting rid of things that take joy away, i.e. things you don’t really need. It is easy to hoard things, but it’s impossible to think straight, be creative and just be productive if you’re surrounded by clutter and mess. I’ve decided to declutter my lounge, which I did this weekend, keeping only sentimental ornaments and decorative objects out and either storing or giving away the rest. I also mean to declutter other areas in my life, declutter my emails from spam, declutter my phone from blurred/random photographs and just in general live more of a clutter free and simple life. After a crazy day at work, what better way to come home than to a calm and tidy house?


Sleeping earlier has been something I’ve been trying to do forEVER. I don’t know what it is but I can just never get to bed early enough (maybe I just have to accept I’m a night owl lol)! I love to work (usually edit or write on my blog) during that time around 9-11pm. It’s the perfect time for getting in the zone when you feel that the world around you is cosying up and getting ready for bed. Consequently, though, my bed-time is constantly pushed later and I can’t wake up as easily in the morning. I’m not saying I need to be tucked up by 9pm (let’s be real, that will NEVER happen!), but ideally 10:30pm would be a good time to be getting under the covers and open a book. One change I did make late last year which has contributed positively to my sleeping habits is sleeping without my phone on my bedside table (I bought an alarm clock so I didn’t have to use my phone) and it’s made a huge difference with my screen time, which takes me onto the next point: less scrolling.


This December just gone was beyond hectic, in a good way. I felt like there were so many events, so much going on in the city, so many shoots – it was amazing and crazy at the same time. But because my mind was running at 1000 miles an hour, I didn’t know how to take a break in between activities and would find myself scrolling aimlessly for hours just to try and switch off. I dread to think how much time I wasted on my phone some of those days. As much as I love Instagram and what it adds to my life, consciously reducing the amount of time I spend on it is something I’m definitely going to be doing this year. One of the times of day I find quite challenging is the morning – I wake up, have breakfast whilst watching the news (which I find pretty morbid most of the time) then I’m kind of lost on what to do before jumping straight onto my computer. I wondered if you guys had any other ways you get your day started in the morning before work commences?


Now although I have just said that I want to spend less time scrolling, one thing I want to be better at with Instagram is use my time on it wisely. For 2019, I want to be able to be more of a conversation starter with you guys, so I can be more of a resource for you within the travel and photography sphere. Starting a conversation will enable me to both learn from you guys and help inspire you in ways that will benefit you the most! I’m terrible at speaking to the camera, I don’t mind doing it every now and then but it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I guess I love to share through my images but never seem to know how to start a conversation, so that’s one of my big resolutions for this year.

On that note, I can hear another pile of work calling my name and want to wish you all an incredible new year full of adventures, laughter, love and colours!!!! Make 2019 your best year YET!


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  1. January 7, 2019 / 15:10

    Great resolutions and there are some I would like to follow myself !
    Best wishes for a absolutely brilliant, in every way 2019 !!!!!

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