You can find leaves in so many gorgeous leaves at this time of year

Watching the changing of the leaves in London is something special. In this post I’m listing my favourite little corners to see the autumn leaves in London, since they have finally just turned to show us their beautiful warm shades of red, yellow and orange. I love all four seasons in their own way, each of them brings their own charm, to the festive cheer of winter (minus the dark days of Jan/Feb!) to the vibrant blossoms of spring – what’s not to love? I grew up in the Middle East, Dubai to be exact, where we didn’t have the luxury of seasons (we did have the most perfect weather when Europe is lost in the hibernation of winter, so there was no complaining there!) but because of that I just always craved the chance to experience the four seasons, and now I do !
St Pauls Cathedral is one of the prettiest places to visit in Autumn
London has so many little corners perfect for watching the leaves change in Autumn

It’s been a very long summer this year, it almost doesn’t quite feel like autumn is here, but alas the leaves have finally turned their golden colours. When the streets of the city become scattered in the warm tones of autumn and the tree-lined streets give off a golden glow, you know that winter is on it’s way. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite corners to experience this, if you have a free morning on a sunny autumn day, don’t miss the chance to walk through the parks and enjoy the embrace of autumn.

  • Hyde park – This is of course London’s biggest park, how could you miss autumn here? My favourite thing to do is walk up from South Ken station, straight up to Royal Albert Hall and over to the Albert Memorial statue. Once there, continue to Kensington Palace and take a right after the lake to make your way to the Italian Gardens opposite Lancaster Road tube. It’s a beautiful 40 or so minute walk with lots of sights to be seen along the way!
  • Tower of London – There is a small walkway of trees at the front of the Tower of London, lining the Thames. When they turn beautifully orange they make for wonderful stunning photos on the backdrop of Tower bridge. Head to the igloos of Coppa Club after for a hot chocolate.
  • St John’s Wood – This isn’t a walk in particular but more an area to go discovering. St John’s wood is a spot everyone in London would love to own a big Victorian mansion and during autumn the streets in St John’s wood are lined with the most stunning trees, perfectly framing the beautiful houses during the season.
  • Little Venice – I visited Little Venice in autumn last year but we were a little to early and caught the leaves when they were just beginning to turn. It’s the ideal spot for a crisp morning walk. Grab the tube to Warwick Avenue tube station and head straight for the Rembrandt Gardens in Little Venice. If you’re in need of a cuppa pop into Clifton Nurseries, or get it to go and sit by the idyllic canals.
  • The Mall & Horse Guards Parade – This cannot be missed in Autumn. I would start at Hyde Park corner tube station, walk under the Wellington Arch and carry on down Constitution Hill, once you reach Buckingham Palace, walk down the jaw dropping Mall and finish up at Horse Guards Parade where a red-leaf surprise will be waiting for you. The walls of the Horse Guards Parade are covered in Ivy which turn a vibrant red during fall.
  • Battersea Park & Westminster – Begin your autumn walk in Battersea park, walk all the way through the park until you reach the Thames. Take a right and continue walking along the river  – you’ll be heading straight for Waterloo/Westminster and will walk along a beautiful tree-lined edge of the Thames.
  • Greenwich Park – If you want to get out of the city and spend a morning in Greenwich, do so in Autumn. The Park colours are beyond beautiful and you can enjoy a small history tour around the Old Royal Navy Collage and the University of Greenwich. Don’t miss the painted hall – it’s incredible. Finish off with lunch at Greenwich food market.
  • Primrose Hill & Hampstead – Last but not least would be leafy Hampstead and Primrose Hill. Hampstead is one of my favourite parts of London, though I don’t visit it often enough. I love how it sits slightly on a hill overlooking the city and has that quaint village like feel – it would be such a dream to live there. Anyway, if you head up to Hampstead take a stroll through the town and then get ready for the Hampstead Heath hike. It’s a bit of a walk from Hampstead, about 10-15 minutes but uphill, so be ready. The autumnal view of the city you’ll get at the end will be worth it though! Don’t miss Kenwood House while you’re there. If you want a stroll a little less of a hike than Hampstead Heath then head to Primrose hill. Grab brunch at Greenery Café to finish off your morning stroll!

Autumn is one of the most magical times to be in LondonAutumn in London is stunning, rich reds and warm oranges cover the city

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  1. October 18, 2018 / 19:19

    Spectacular shots, I am really looking forward to getting out with my camera during this special season and you have inspired me immensely. Keep posting such beautiful images!!

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