"Love is all you need", indeed! Neon sign feature at Brides the Show 2018.

Brides the Show, what an adventure! When I connected with Jade Beer a few months ago, I never would have thought she would ask me to speak on the panel at Brides the Show, one of the biggest wedding shows in the UK. What an honour it was to be asked! I attended the event with my mum and Nana who I think are more excited about my wedding day than I am (I’m sure brides-to-be can relate to this!!!) and we had the most incredible jam-packed day.

Brides the Show took place in conjunction with The National Wedding Show. We were located on the upper balcony floor while the National Wedding Show took over the downstairs area. I can’t even begin to describe how many amazing vendors there were!! I had to go around about three times to make sure I hadn’t missed any little detail and taken in all the inspo I needed to get the wedding planning going!  Whether you were a bride-to-be or an excited Maid of Honour, whether you had just got engaged or were weeks away from your wedding, there was something for everyone. I personally couldn’t wait to get my ideas flowing and see all the exciting details I had seen on Pinterest in person. From wedding dresses to table setups, from flowers to favours, it was the ultimate place to find out how to make wedding dreams come true!

The Prosecco Party mobile bar service, the cutest bar around

Quite the crowd showed up to see all things bridal at Brides The Show 2018

There were all things floral in abundance at Brides the Show 2018

Our slot on the panel was on the Saturday morning and although I was pretty nervous, I had the most amazing women talking with me, making the experience all the more fun. When the group of us met at Jade’s office to discuss what we would speak about at the event, we could not stop talking – we had so many experiences we couldn’t wait to share and found so much support and positivity in all the wedding experiences we had had. Some of us on the panel were brides-to-be, some weren’t yet married, some had been bridesmaids or Maids of Honour but between us we all had so many stories to share that we were sure our audience would relate to!

Rosanna Falconer spoke about her amazing Matthew Williamson dress, Portia told us how her little boy wouldn’t stop jumping on her dress throughout their whole ceremony, Rose shared her amazing beauty tips and Josie discussed how she would be approaching social media on her big day. My expertise, of course, lay within the photography realm where I offered my tips and advice on how to spot your dream wedding photographer! It was really inspiring and helpful to hear everyone’s stories and think how their advice could give you extra insight for your big day!

I talked on a panel with the loveliest women at Brides the Show 2018

The seats ready to be filled with wedding wisdom at Brides the Show 2018

Getting some serious wedding gown inspiration at Brides the Show 2018

My favourite part of the day was having the chance to spend time with my mum and nana – I can’t recommend this more for Brides-to-be! If you have the chance early on in the process of organising your wedding, make sure you get a wedding show booked in. It’s a lovely way to find out about different suppliers, see their products in person and ask them further information on how they work. I personally wanted to get loads of inspiration about how to decorate my table, what the recent flower trends were and invitation ideas as well.

My personal favourites were the flower displays by Jamie Aston, the insane wedding dresses at The Wedding Gallery (the prices are insane as well haha but stunning creations!!!!), the Prosecco Party tuktuk and loved speaking with the team at the Wedding Shop where you can create your very own bespoke wedding list. Of course, the day was made extra special by the lovely girls at Brides, so a big thanks goes out to them for having me! Make sure you pick up the next issue to read more about this wonderful day!

I had the best day at Brides the Show 2018 with my mum and grandma

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