This is my second Christmas spent in our little London flat. My boyfriend and I moved into our cute abode a year and a half ago, and I made a pact to myself that this year my tree would be extra special (I kept decorating it with the same boring baubles each year, but for 2017 I wanted a bit of a shake up!). My theme was to be pink and gold, two of my favourite colours, very much in line with my photography brand!! I had it all planned out in my mind… the only question now was where to find prettiest blush baubles?

When Amara Living approached me last month to collaborate for Christmas, my festive excitement went up a few notches. Amara is a lifestyle website, specialising in the most elegant home, lifestyle and fashion collections, from designers, to independent boutiques. They buy the most beautiful collections of homeware, furniture and accessories pieces to kit you out for any occasion. Scrolling through their website, I was very quickly distracted by their travel collections and home furnishings (we moved into our flat with no furniture, so it’s been a labour of love kitting out my apartment!!) but I soon remembered this project’s focus was one of my favourite things in the world: CHRISTMAS!

As mentioned, my key tones for this year were pink and gold. Finding gold decorations is a piece of cake, but hunting down elegant blush pieces isn’t that easy, despite how fashionable the colour is right now. I was drawn immediately to their Winter Blush series of decorations. In fact, the tree you see in their Winter Blush section was actually the inspiration for my tree this year… I didn’t do too badly hey?! From stockings and cushions, to Christmas dining collections, they have all the pieces you need to bring to life your Pinterest-friendly festive décor. If you’re into a more kitsch look in your house you can browse through their Kitschmas collection, the darker, rich colour lovers amongst us can opt for Midnight Jewels, whilst those who prefer the classic, cosy green and gold can select from Hideaway. Amara have the Christmas trends on point and in my opinion have something to satisfy all palettes.

Once I had spent some time browsing their site, I had my final pieces selected. I fell instantly in love with their London trinkets by Tinker Tailor, which had to get straight onto my LondonTown tree (and which are currently on sale right now!) Since I chose to decorate in sparkly pink delights and London classics, I thought I would choose some Insta-friendly baubles to add a bit of cuteness to my tree. I popped an ice-cream in there, added a touch of Merry Christmas and topped it off with an extra helping of…. pink! Each year my tree is covered more and more with personal ornaments, whether a gift from a relative or a decoration I picked up on my travels. Thanks to Amara I now have a touch of London and a sprinkle of pink (two of my favourite things) to make my Christmas tree extra beautiful for the years to come!

I spent this snowy Sunday sat in my beautiful new Nightire pyjamas (which are so wonderfully soft and created by a sweet friend of mine!) finishing up my tree, adding the final touches as the snow dusted London’s streets. Below you can find links to all the decorations still available (lots of which are on sale right now!) Thank you to Amara and Nightire for making my tree decorating extra special this year… I’m never going to take it down!!!!

                       Gisela Graham pink baubles                       Pearl snowflake                                                    Pink ice-cream                                Pink heart

                                London bus                      Merry Christmas sequined baubles                                     London taxi                                           Pearl shoe

// Wearing Nightire pyjamas //


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