Saying goodbye to summer, is like watching the last morsel of sunshine disappear behind the horizon. The final golden ray of warmth goes into hibernation for another year. The nights draw in, the temperatures drop, the leaves fall and all the streets light up ready for the Christmas season. Ok we aren’t there just yet, but thinking about all of these wonderful seasonal traditions get me very excited for the seasons to come. Most of you will agree that January and February are the darkest months of the year (sorry for those of you who have birthdays then!!) but the short, cold days, without the joy of Christmas seem to drag on forever. Spring soon approaches and we long for the temperatures to rise and summer to return.  If I could lock away the scent of summer in a bottle, just to spray it whenever I could, I would…






The scents of summer that come to my mind when I think of the season are the salty sea air, the smell of suncream on your skin, the taste of a crisp white wine drank al fresco by the water and the fragrance of olive tree orchards. My favourite moment of the day is sitting with a cocktail at dusk, watching the sun go down and listening to the waves creep up to shore. It’s this bliss I wish I could pause, capture and lock away.


I was recently given the chance to sample Estée Lauder’s summer fragrance, Bronze Goddess, a scent they believe encompasses summer and I would have to agree. The moment the fragrance hit my skin, I felt like I was whisked away to a tropical beach. Its coconut and vanilla notes take you away somewhere warm and you can imagine spritzing yourself with the perfume after a long day under the golden sun.

I recently took a short trip to Puglia where I had chance to photograph this summer scent with dear friend and fellow photographer Roberta Facchini. To mirror my sentiments of saying goodbye to summer, I took my new Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume down to seaside. As the sun was setting, we enjoyed those last few moments of the golden sun, watching the waves crash against the sea rocks as a rainbow of rays faded away before our eyes. Thanks to this delicious fragrance I know I can call upon sweet summertime whenever I like, whatever the day, whatever the weather. 







And isn’t that the best thing about a beautiful perfume? How they can subtly rekindle a day, a memory, a special moment and sometimes even a person. With the power of a perfect scent you can bring back the favourite things in your life, one of them for me being summer. Each fragrance I own reminds me of a time in a my life, it’s like a treasure box of moments that you unlock as and when you like to bring back memories of that special day once upon a time.

This wonderful season might have gone all too quickly and already be bidding us farewell, but thanks to Bronze Goddess I know I can call upon my favourite season whenever I’m craving that sparkle of summer to brighten up my day….

Wishing you all a beautiful September ahead. Big thanks goes to Roberta for helping me capture these wonderful photographs. Bye for now, dear summer, see you next year!


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