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I’m always on the hunt for new skincare products to help me combat my dry skin. Though I can’t say I ever suffered badly from spots while growing up thanks to my drier complexion, I’m conscious that wrinkles might be more prevalent on my face. Keeping skin hydrated and supple is the key so any products that can successfully do that get my thumbs up.

I was recently introduced to US brand Tula, a line of skincare products which are all based on their probiotic technology. With the premise of wanting to encourage balance within the skin, thanks to the nutritious properties in their products, they aim to nourish the skin the same way a healthy diet does to the body. They have recently launched in the UK, should you want to give their products a go.

I have been using my Tula products for a month and can say that I do genuinely feel my skin softer and fuller, which is usually difficult with dry skin, particularly in the city air. During the trial month, I have been sticking to a morning and evening regime using all the products, except the exfoliating mask which I apply once or twice a week for a deep clean. Today I wanted to share that regime with you, as well as the products, in case you felt your skin needed a revamp and change of pace – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with these amazing, technological innovative products.

Thanks Tula for introducing me to a line of fantastic products, I will continue to use and nourish my skin with!



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