Travel is and will always be a big part of my life. I have photographs dotted all over my apartment (naturally!) documenting all the places I have been and experiences I’ve had. There is nothing more fulfilling than that feeling of getting lost in a place you’ve never before explored, immersed in a new culture or climate. I really believe that the moment you begin exploring the world, you change and grow as a person, so it’s something I always make the time to do.

Trips to a new place sometimes represent special moments, or sometimes are just about getting away from it all. Regardless of what your past trips mean to you, each and every one of them hold a thousand memories. I have always been a lover of travel-inspired gifts, from maps, to guide-books, to photographs – of course, nothing beats the experience of being there, but a little memory of a special place can make a gift that extra bit personal.

I recently stumbled upon Roam by 42 Pressed, a letterpress and design brand which creates beautiful travel-inspired prints and candles that I instantly fell in love with. At a friend’s house not long ago, I saw a beautiful print created of her borough in London, a hand-drawn representation of the area. Since then I had been looking to get my hands on a unique print of our amazing city, so when I spotted the wonderful print by Roam by 42 Pressed I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Based in Charleston (a place I’ve recently discovered and would love to visit), Roam by 42 Pressed have a collection of prints, postcards, candles, journals and calendars, all based on their simple and fresh designs. You might want to burn their favourite Paris candle, to remind you of that special trip you recently had in the City of Light. Alternatively, the print of NYC could be a beautiful token memory for a friend following an unforgettable trip together to the Big Apple. These beautifully created, and fairly priced, pieces will not only help you remember where you’ve been, but might very well inspire you on where to go next…

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