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Happy September everyone! Today I’m taking you back to Geneva, to discover more wonderful parts of this beautiful city and complete my 48-hour trip. As some of you might have seen during the first 24-hours in the city, there is truly so much more to do than meets the eye. From roaming the streets of the old town to paragliding off a mountain, the diversity of experiences is second to none. Today’s tips are going to be a little more on my radar in the form of cute shopping districts, hot brunch spots and boat trips under the sun – if those sound like your sorts of things then do join my journey below…

C O L L I D I N G  R I V E R S

Following a delightful dinner at the La Riviera in the stunning Mandarin Oriental, we woke up fresh-faced and ready for a full day in the city. We began the day with a delicious breakfast al fresco, served by the friendliest staff and waited for our guide Pascal to arrive. First stop was actually a little detour. We wanted to see a unique geographical phenomenon that we had been told you can find only in Geneva. As you know, the city has two rivers, the river Arve hailing from the mountains and the other, the Rhone, comes from the sea, murky and grey. What we went to see was where the two rivers met. It was truly amazing – two rivers, one city, but so different, running parallel to each other… The pictures below say it all… isn’t the natural world so beautiful?

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S W I S S  M E E T S   I T A L I A N

After finishing up with our short geographical detour, it was time to hit the Italian quarter of the City: Le Carouge. Famous for it’s windy, colourful streets and cute shopping boutiques, this was my kind of area. We sampled the most delicious swiss chocolate at Philippe Pascoët and stopped to have a coffee in the local market with the sun kissing our cheeks. Italian with a Swiss-twist is the best way I could describe the area, it had the charm of Italy but the cleanliness and organization of Swizterland – which did make it quite picture perfect!

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S U N D A Y   B R U N C H I N’

The morning spent walking and discovering (and shopping) left us hungry for lunch. We decided to take a late bite in the most chic little lakeside hideout in the Eaux Vives district, Les Voiles. Think: white party St Tropez to give you an idea of what it was like (actually, think free-flowing Moët & Chandon and you get the picture). We opted for Le Brunch des Voiles, which was more than enough to share, but unknowingly had one each and spent the next couple of hours snoozing it off under the rays. Life by the lake really isn’t so bad, and what we did next confirmed that thought…

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S A I L   A W A Y

Our next adventure took us away from the safety of dry land and onto the Catamaran Terrasse, a beautiful boat available for private hire. We had a warm welcome of mojitos and snacks thanks to fantastic skipper Max and his lovely wife (and their adorable little doggy). As you can see from the photos, the day was stunning, however we were up against strong winds which meant we had to delay setting sail (and meant more time for mojitos!). Finally the air calmed and we made it out of the harbour, although it was a hilariously choppy ride – as you can see from the photos.. Let’s just say I was happy when we headed back toward the shore! So, so much fun and something I can’t recommend enough if you’re visiting the city on a beautiful summer’s day. Thanks again for having us, Catamaran Terrasse!

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S U N S E T  P I C N I C

To wrap up our beautiful day of adventures, it was time to chill out and watch the sun set over the perfectly blue sky. We took the short walk from the Eaux Vives port along the Quai Gustav Ador and made our way the Parc des Eaux Vives. This stunning lakeside manor is home to a wonderful terrace, a fabulous restaurant open to hosting weddings and of course, rich green grounds with amazing views. Only craving an evening snack, we went for their picnic in the park option. We each had a little lunchbox of delightful goodies, as well as a bottle of wine, so we could enjoy our light dinner as the sun went down. There couldn’t be a better way to finish off the day in this wonderful part of Switzerland…

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 T H A N K  Y O U  S W I S S A I R

A big thanks goes out to the team at Swiss Air and the Geneva Tourism Board for making this trip possible. I love travelling to new places and especially love being shown things to do off the beaten track, so I really hope all of these tips have inspired you on your next trip to Geneva!

**Don’t forget, you can get £25 off your next flight with Swiss Air using the code SWISSUK25FLIGHT16 – get flying!**

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