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The bank holiday weekend at the end of May was one of the first that I spent in the UK in a while. It actually crept up on me without realising and I found myself with an unplanned three-day weekend, bliss! So what better thing to do than take off and discover somewhere new?

As amazing a city as London is, you never feel fully relaxed. Picnics in the park aren’t a bad idea, nor are cinema nights, but when the sun is shining you want to getaway from the busy streets. Cambridge has been a place on my list for a while now. I’ve visited Oxford many a time, but Cambridge, the rival university city, was yet to be checked off. The best thing about visiting the city is that you can pick up a train ticket on the day and it will just cost you £16.60 each. When you don’t have a car, last minute train trips often cost you a few bob. Fortunately, though, Cambridge is one of the exceptions. Only 1 hour 10 mins from London, we arrived in the city on a perfect afternoon, ready to get lost in the streets.

First stop was the famous Fitzbillies café for a little fuel. We snacked on one of their well-known Chelsea buns and sipped on a cool iced-coffee. Yum yum yum! Then it was time to get discovering. I loved all the windy streets in the city, reminding me of the beautiful narrow streets you find in old Italian towns. The architecture is just stunning in Cambridge and its hard to believe that the oldest building in the city was built 1000 years ago… Other than university and church hopping, a great thing to do whilst visiting is of course to go punting along the River Cam. Grab a glass of Pims from The Mill and get going. We didn’t have time to do it ourselves, but from above it looked totally idyllic. Instead we grabbed ourselves a little picnic and sat by the river watching the boats steadily float by…

I think attending a university such as Cambridge or Oxford involves so much more than the studying (and partying). You get a chance to truly experience living in a quaint English city, which must be so special for those coming to study from outside the UK. I know that’s why I chose my university, Royal Holloway – visiting from Dubai, I fell in love with the magnificent Founders building and knew right away it was the university for me! To finish off our little day out to beautiful Cambridge, we enjoyed a delicious alfresco meal at The Oak Bistro – (it’s very close to the station by the way, which comes in handy if like us,  you’re usually late catching your train!)

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  1. June 9, 2016 / 20:24

    your pictures make it look so dreamy

  2. June 21, 2016 / 02:37

    Cambridge is one of my favourite places! A friend of mine went to uni there and I made every excuse possible to go and see her (AKA see the town and also all the adorable little shops #friendship). Love your photos x

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