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I feel like I’ve finally found my photography style. It’s taken a few years for me to really find some consistency in my work, but I think I’ve now hit the nail on the head. I’m hoping those of you who follow my photography have an idea of what I’m about, but just to put it into words, think: floral, bright and dreamy. I love anything pastel, romantic and just down right feminine. And luckily, living in a city as diverse as London, I can find little corners that nurture my style.

One of the nicest parts of my job as a fashion photographer is working with fashion bloggers and creatives who share my passion in generating beautiful content. When you get to work together on projects that hit all your photography buttons, well you can’t help but smile. Today’s piece brings together all of that. I worked with dear friend and blogger Nathan Rollinson, to plan this shoot for The Kensington Hotel for the summer season. They want to offer guests the chance to discover London a different way. Not from a car, bus, tube or on foot, but rather, from a sweet bicycle. Topped off, of course, with a champagne picnic in the park.

It was the height of the blossom when we shot this, on the most glorious of blue sky days in the city; one of those days you wish would never end. I scouted one of the biggest blossom trees I could find, wanting to make the most of the bloom before it blew away. I love how much of a personality these photographs have – they just seem so beautifully English. The bicycle, picnic, Nathan’s styling and of course the location all came together to form the sweetest of shoots. Work that I’m proud of and hope to continue creating.

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  1. June 1, 2016 / 13:30

    Such a wonderful blog post! Very delighted to share this experience with you.

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