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So, the rumours are true. In two days time, all eyes will be back on Blenheim Palace, where it will host its first fashion show since 1958. The brand who will grace the grounds of this elegant stately home is none other than Dior. Wow. Just wow. As much as I would love to say “I’m going to be shooting at the show” (words I pray will come out of my mouth one day) unfortunately I won’t be gracing the walls of Blenheim Palace with my presence. Instead, just to further fuel the excitement of this momentous occasion in the fashion world, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to share my own photos of the palace taken when I visited just a few months ago (if I’d known Dior were showing, I might’ve postponed my visit to this Tuesday :P)

This 18th century palace is just a short bus ride from gorgeous Oxford, where I spent the weekend with my girls (a place you must visit!) and is set on 2000 acres of stunning parkland. The architecture is nothing less than jaw-dropping and what I love about visiting palaces like Blenheim is you get a first-hand look into just how the royals lived.  Roaming through room after room, each decorated differently to the last, your breath is taken away by the opulence of it all. The ornate furniture, gold leaf ceilings, the symmetry and of course the beautiful frescos. I fell in love with the library, which homes thousands of books hundreds of years old and is sat the opposite the grandest of organs – I can’t imagine the atmosphere when the organist begins to play.

Getting back to fashion talk though, I can’t even begin to imagine what sensational show Dior will be putting together this time. I’m sure many of you saw the sea of flowers that landed in Paris for their Spring-Summer 2016 show? Or the dazzling colour-panelled Autumn-Winter 2016 Haute Couture set? It seems like the sky is the limit for the fashion house, so I’m sure those within the industry will be waiting with baited breath to see what will be unveiled. The only other thing I’ll be waiting for, of course, is an invitation…

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