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That time for summer entertaining, garden parties, sunset BBQs and relaxed outdoor pursuits is almost here. I have to say that the UK is one of the most beautiful places in the world when the sun is shining. Days out to the seaside, road trips in the country, letting loose at a music festival and getting lost in the grounds of stunning stately homes are just some of the amazing things you can get up to throughout these leisurely summer months. And getting lost in the grounds of Eltham Palace was exactly what I found myself doing last Friday in the company of one my favourite lifestyle brands, The White Company.

Following a successful morning of shooting in Greenwich (more of that to come soon) I made my way to Eltham for the Bloggers Summer Party. We arrived at our final destination, greeted by an elegant string quartet in the green grounds of the palace on a beautiful blue-skied day… it couldn’t get more idyllic. Sipping on their “Seaside G&T,” I caught up with a few familiar faces – it’s always so sweet bumping to other lovely people in the industry – before we got stuck into our fun-filled sunny afternoon.

The entire day was pure bliss. We had a tour around the never-ending gardens and the modern art-deco palace, enjoyed entertainment tips from table laying to cocktail making from 31 Dover Street and were treated to the most divine summer nibbles to finish it all off. Obviously as most of you will see from my Instagram feed and photography style, I’m a huge fan of whites and pastels, so the White Company aesthetic is right down my street. I fell in love with the sweet Pavilion candle holder and white Porto wine cooler, things I may look to invest in for my new apartment (I’m moving in about a month’s time! #crazy)

Sadly after an afternoon of white-washed wonder, it was time to go home, as reluctant as we all were! Imagine being on set of the film Brideshead Revisited, that’s exactly how it felt, losing ourselves in those quintessential garden grounds. Now who would ever want that fairytale to end? I guess I’ll have to recreate my very own summer haven back at home, with a little help from The White Company of course…

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* Thanks to The Rollinson London for the lovely snaps of me!

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