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Summer is on its way and cocktails are on the mind. But the question is, what constitutes the perfect Margarita, the perfect Cosmopolitan, or event the perfect G&T? I recently spent the evening with Bombay Sapphire learning how to create the exact balance of gin and tonic, a drink I admittedly have never been drawn to but have now come to love.

We found ourselves on the rooftop of Harvey Nichols at the Bombay Sapphire Rooftop Retreat, under the spell of French taste expert, Renaud de Bosredon. Our task was to create our very own G&Ts – straight forward, right? Well, the key elements, we were told, are ratio and temperature. The ratio being 2:1, two parts tonic, one part gin. And the temperature, well, bloody cold! It turns out that combined this really is the perfect blend of bitter tonic complimenting the juniper-based gin. I was pleasantly surprised to try a G&T I enjoyed, which is the honest truth!

After sampling our creations, Mr. Tastebuds took it one level further. We were given a £20 budget to spend in Harvey Nichols food court and pick out whatever ingredients we fancied, in order to create our very own gin and tonic with a twist. Of course, the outcome was a table full of weird and wonderful drinks, some you could take straight out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – they were that strange. From candy floss to jam, even hot chilli, it seemed we all wanted to give him a bit of a challenge. Apparently there is nothing too difficult for someone who knows a lot about tastebuds – all the crazy G&Ts tasted pretty delicious (even the one with jam).

But, to get to the point, as I’m sure you’d all like to know – here are the steps to your perfect gin and tonic:

Pour in 50ml of gin into a tall glass

Squeeze half a lime into the gin

Pack the glass with ice – we’re talking a full glass of ice

Pour over 100ml of tonic

Get drinking!!

It’s so good that I may have been converted to a G&T lover, but then again, now I’m just a total G&T snob. Guess I’ll have to make my own at home to ensure I get that ratio right down to a….T!

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