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This has to be one of my favourite shoots to date. Before heading on my recent trip to NYC with Danielle, I researched some of the best locations in the city to shoot with her. Of course we covered the classics of Times Square, the High Line and Brookly Bridge (photos of which you will see very soon) however, the ever-changing Bowery-Houston mural graffiti wall was somewhere I definitely wanted to tick off my shooting list.

Since the wall art changes so often, we weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived. All I said was to bring a simple outfit and a beautiful scarf to create some gorgeous movement in the photographs. As soon as we discovered the mural, we knew we had struck gold. The wall was an amazing monochrome mess, which couldn’t have been more perfect for Danielle’s wonderful blue Beulah scarf to shine.

We spent the morning striding past the graffiti, throwing the scarf, twirling with the scarf, basically whatever we could to get some floaty feeling to the shots. Apparently, this shoot proved a fabulous show for the line of yellow cabs waiting in traffic behind me…I had no idea they were there, until Danielle said it was the last time she was going to twirl around with the scarf, at which point I turned around and saw them all watching us like we were two crazy people! Ohhh the things you do to get the right shot… I do think it was all worth it though, right? Would love to hear your thoughts on these pictures!

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