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Just arrived at London St Pancras and feeling a bit peckish? On your way out of the city and fancy a cheeky glass of wine to get your trip started? Well, I’ve got a little foodie suggestion for you that I’m sure you’ll love.

I recently lunched at the stunning St Pancras Renaissance’ cheese and meat deli, MI + ME. Named in reference to the milk and meat carriages in the Victorian era used to transport fresh goods to the city, this little corner hidden away was my perfect idea of an afternoon break. We made our way through the stunning train station, which is hands down my favourite station in all of London, and found this oasis of cheese and wine. Munching away on trays of cold cuts and a range of different cheeses, I was transported to the time I spent in Italy, enjoying a glass of wine and plate of taglieri al fresco. It’s not often you find quiet spots in London when you can enjoy a glass of bubbly in the fresh air.

Browsing through the iPad menu, we fancied trying a little bit of everything. In end the, after much persuasion from the friendly restaurant staff, we shared a few glasses of Rioja, sampled their pull-porked sandwich, tasted the cheese and meats and finished our meal off with a naughty apple crumble and custard (heaven on earth). One of the things I like about this little spot is the chance to relax and people watch. There is something special about stations, airports, and places of transience – you can sit and enjoy the world going by, wondering where each person is going, what their story is, which loved ones they are travelling to meet.

I have to say that everything we sampled was truly delicious – I’m both a cheese and wine lover, so appreciate good quality of both things. We ended our afternoon with a little espresso and tour around the St Pancras Renaissance hotel, which is just stunning and packed with history (including the stairs where the Spice Girls filmed Spice World!). All in all, a fabulous little find. For those of you who’d like a snack while waiting for a train, a friend or just fancy trying somewhere new, get to MI + ME. And expect deliciousness by the carriage-load.

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