Today marks the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and the closing of the fashion month until September. Some of the latest shows in Paris have been just incredible, the creativity and grandeur is jaw-dropping. I had a fantastic Fashion Week myself here in London, attending a number of different presentations, shows and snapping away at street style like there was no tomorrow, which you can see here and here! I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte Olympia, one of my shoe heroines, as well as Emma J Shipley, the illustrator behind Aspinal’s new, stunning Pegasus collection! One of the other highlights this season though, was working with fabulous and successful fashion blogger, Maya, as her personal photographer throughout LFW for her blog, The Fashion Lollipop.

 Maya and I spent the whole week together, running from presentation to show, me photographing her everywhere we went! We captured some fantastic moments, and with her bright and beautiful outfits, you can’t help but smile. Fashion Week is one of those crazy intense weeks where the centre of London comes to life with colour and style. It’s a chance when those in the fashion world get to bump into faces they haven’t seen in forever and have a glimpse of what trends are set to be hitting the streets in the months to come. I definitely had chance to catch up with some familiar characters as well as get to know some amazing new people I had been dying to meet!

And so, I thought to mark the end of the winter fashion month, it would be the ideal opportunity to share a few snaps from the round-up of looks I photographed for Maya throughout London Fashion Week. From the grunge of Soho, to shooting outside the Ministry of Defence (yes, don’t ask!) we managed to shoot a real variety of looks and locations all over the city, which will hopefully inspire you all with your London fashion content. Let me tell you, however, all this running around did not come without a price, which was utter exhaustion at the end of the week – now all I need is a good few months to recover before fashion week comes round again….!

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