Burberry. One of the biggest shows of London Fashion Week. What could that mean? Well, it means a massive, highly exclusive gathering of celebrities, designers, buyers, stylists, fashionistas, outfits, invitations, taxis, very large sunglasses, oh and a few street photographers thrown in there. In other words, an hour of extremely fashionable chaos…. Totally fabulous darling!!!

Street style shooting outside the biggest shows are my favourite things during Fashion Week. The most memorable shows I’ve shot outside have been Roberto Cavalli in Milan, Elie Saab in Paris and now Burberry in London (hopefully I will get over to NYC very soon!) The atmosphere is electric. I love fashion, seeing what people wear, standing on the side-lines trying to spot famous faces and guess what designer they’re wearing. It’s crazy and something that all fashion lovers should experience, just for the fun of it all. I love meeting up with fellow photographers and darting around like mad hatters for the golden minutes before and after the show, then sitting and comparing our shots and who we managed to capture on camera!

If any of you want to get some fantastic street style shots, but don’t fancy going to all of the shows, just choose the biggest designers and put aside a couple of hours. You will get some of your best street snaps, I guarantee!

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