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Who doesn’t love a little bit of blossom to brighten up their day? Last Friday I started off the morning with a beautiful surprise delivery from Bloomon, a new flower company soon to hit the streets of London. Originally from Holland, this team of flower-lovers have brought their elegant bunches to UK, by the bouquet load.

I’m a huge believer in seasonal produce, and feel we lose sight of that sometimes when shopping in superstores. It’s difficult compete with supermarkets when they have the greenest, ripest avocados available all year round, whatever the season. I’m all for supporting local producers and make the point of buying vegetables at the market and meat from the butchers etc. And Bloomon do the same, creating their beautiful bouquets with seasonal flowers straight from the growers, ensuring that you get the prettiest and brightest blossom around.

My delicate (and huge!) delivery of flowers came straight to my door last week, packaged beautifully in a glass vase ready to brighten up the lounge. Their stylists believe that gorgeous flowers often get lost in bunched up bouquets, so they include a range of blossom in their creations, all varying in length so that each and every one gets a bit of the limelight. Living in the city you don’t always have chance to learn about new varieties of plants and flowers, and Bloomon’s creations give you that chance thanks to the sweet and informative little card that comes with every bunch. What’s more, you can also order your bouquet to come fortnightly or monthly, ensuring that your home always looks bright and beautiful even during these dark winter days.

Add a floral sparkle to the rest of your winter with a bit of seasonal love thanks to Bloomon. It’s also a fabulous idea if you’re looking for an alternative Valentine’s bouquet, after all who doesn’t like something a little bit different 🙂

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