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I always love finding a great watering hole in the centre of the city, where you’re usually surrounded by franchises. Sometimes it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, I’m sure you’ve all been there, trying to run away from the fifth chain restaurant in a row. One area where this can sometimes be difficult is the City of London, where people want things done quick and easy, they’ve places to be and things to do – which don’t usually involve leisurely breaks in artisanal coffee shops! Much to my surprise though, I had chance to visit the coolest of munching and brunching spots right in the heart of London’s financial district at the South Place Hotel.

A big fan of boutique hotels and places with a twist, I was invited to sample the new detox menu at the South Place Hotel, a stone’s throw from Moorgate tube station. Boasting a rooftop bar and a Michelin Star restaurant, this suave art hotel has got it all. In their stylish 3 restaurant, they’ve teamed up with a number of different health brands to create a menu of detoxifying smoothies and juices. From Nutrii, an amazingly healthy alternative to yoghurt, also known as quark, to birch water, the latest craze on every health freak’s list, the menu has a bit of something for everyone.

My partner in crime and fellow blogger, Joanne, and I tried two of the delicious drinks on offer. I personally opted for the strawberry-based virgin sour, with lemon and cranberry juice, strawberries, a dash of vanilla syrup and an egg white. Joanne went a bit tropical and sampled the South Place Elixir, which to me tasted like bubble gum (without all the added sugar of course hehe). We had these tasty treats along with our breakfast of champions (lots of salmon, avocado, oh and side of berries!) feeling like true city slickers, minus the briefcase and shiny shoes. And after a good breakfast, you can start a great day, which for us meant an hour long blog shoot in the freezing cold. Did we consider turning back to the South Place for just one. more. cappuccino? Yes. About 15 times!!!

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