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Floral, intricate and elegant are the how you might describe the stunning creations by Needle & Thread London. It’s a contemporary British Brand which stepped into the fashion scene only back in 2013. I discovered it last year during my time Net-A-Porter and its romantic aesthetic stayed firmly in my mind. Encompassing everything I love in a garment (flowers, delicacy and elegance) I couldn’t wait to feature them on Aurora Stories.

I had the chance to visit their HQ and showroom recently, to find out more about the background of Needle & Thread. What I love most about the brand are its humble beginnings. Just under three years old, this team have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. It just goes to show, if you create beautiful pieces made with love, you will get noticed.

Inspired by the romance of English springtime, their latest collection released a few weeks ago is a sea of whimsical pinks, buttery lemons and baby blues. I love how timeless each piece is. From birthdays, to weddings, to a picnic in the park, they suit them all. When looking closer at the detailed embroidery, I commented on how much they reminded me of Indian saris. It turns out, they use the expertise of Indian seamstresses with a team of women in India dedicated solely to the hand-embroidering and embellishing of each piece. It’s like fashion and tradition come together in beautiful contemporary harmony to form their stunning designs. I actually have two weddings coming up this year (both of which happen to be in India!) so I’ll 100% be considering one of these dresses for the occasion. The only question now is, which to choose?

For any of you who need a bit of inspiration ahead of spring, check out more of their collection at

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