Working with bloggers as their photographer is fabulous. Every shoot means a new project together, finding ourselves at the craziest locations doing shoots for great brands. This time, for the first time ever, I had the task of veering away from the usual pretty white houses I photograph, and bring out my inner petrolhead. I’m happy to share today’s shoot in collaboration with menswear fashion blogger, Martell Campbell and Mazda’s latest mean machine, the MX5 roadster.

We cruised out of London for these photos, to the greener pastures of Guildford. It was perfect getting out of the city to shoot, we didn’t have the worry of crowds, onlookers and the messy urban jungle as a backdrop. We did have a few obstacles of downpours of rain and shooting in the middle of a road, but we made it happen! The Mazda guys and Martell were fabulous. I loved the challenge of working with a car, finding interesting angles to show off the chic interior and mean body shape. All these details added a cool edge to the blog feature and gave me something new and interesting to capture. The only thing which I felt was missing was the fact that I couldn’t drive this red beauty off into the sunset once we were finished… 😉

Check out Martell’s feature here for the Mazda Sprezza campaign. Would love to hear what you all think of these photos!

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