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I love going on adventures, especially secret ones. And a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to embark on my very own secret adventure, with the stupidly healthy team at Moju drinks.

On a chilly Saturday morning, we found ourselves on a secret mission canoeing from Limehouse basin to Hackney Wick. Lead by the Secret Adventures team, who specialise in organising amazing outdoor adventure events in London, we paddled our way along the windy canals seeing London from a different perspective. I grew up in Dubai so am used to these sort of adventurous outdoor activities, but having the chance to do something as cool as this in London was such a treat!

The event and experience was put together in collaboration with new healthy juice brand, Moju. It was about helping us remember to live life to the fullest, whilst being as healthy as possible at the same time. And that’s a bit like the story behind Moju founders, Charlie and Rich. Both coming from corporate backgrounds, they saw the importance of fresh, healthy, sugar-free juices for people with busy lives, who are constantly on the go. They started making a range of predominantly vegetable-based juices in Charlie’s mum’s kitchen, delivering them from door to door in his nan’s old VW. Now, after leaving behind the pin-striped suits and shiny shoes, they’re working full-time on bringing Moju to a store near you. If that isn’t a brand driven by passion, I don’t know what is!

Following our 1.5 hour canoeing trip, we finished up the adventure with the chance to sample the current Moju juice range. Stupidly healthy, the brand’s tagline, is probably the best way to sum them up. Primarily vegetable-based with no added sugar other than natural fruit juice, these drinks are truly amazing and the perfect way to help you get back onto the road to being a more healthy you. At present, you can order the juices online, which are delivered to your door ice-cold and ready to drink. Hopefully in the future though, these colourful bottles of magic will find themselves on a shelf near you!

So, for those of you looking for a new adventure in London (or a great Christmas gift for someone) get booking a Secret Adventure and add a little bit of excitement to your weekend!

And for those of you who want to start the January health-kick a little bit early can get a head-start with Moju. Imagine, your five-a-day in bottle to go, well now that just sounds stupidly healthy!!

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  1. Alice
    November 30, 2015 / 16:27

    What a great adventure! These juices look so healthy and delicious!
    Fashion Soup

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