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Shooting bloggers in autumn is one of my favourite things as a photographer. I think it’s the colours, textures and shades of the season which is what I love most. Looking across a sea of leaves, walking along pathways of orange, and most importantly, finding the crispest of the lot to crunch right under your shoe… These beautiful layers of fall add so much to a backdrop and get you right into that wintery mood, and luckily for Danielle and I, this gorgeous little autumnal corner was right on our doorstep.

Our city, London, is full of nooks and crannies perfect for a blog shoot. I am continuously taking unknown detours off main roads only to find the most idyllic hidden streets waiting to be discovered. This keeps me inspired and makes for interesting locations for my photoshoots. I love working with bloggers to choose the perfect look for the location – all vital parts to make a great image. Danielle’s choice of outfit for this shoot hits the nail on the head. She pairs her autumnally perfect forest green shoes and skirt, with a classic Burberry trench – stylish with an edge, just how we like to dress here in London.

For all you Londoners out there, I’m always open to shooting with new bloggers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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See Danielle’s outfit details here:

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