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It’s been on my list for a while now to have to the chance to feature the Meringue Girls on Aurora Stories. This delectable cooking duo are the brains behind the beautifully colourful array of meringues which we often seen popping up on our social media. Big personalities of London’s food scene, Alex and Stacey are taking the city’s baking trends by storm and last week I had the opportunity to experience just what it’s like to be a Meringue Girl!

In conjunction with Currys PC World, myself and a room of other lifestyle and food fiends were taken on a baking adventure at the Atelier Des Chefs. Lead by the Meringue Girls, our task for the night was to bake 10 million meringues in 5 minutes  one of their infamous “Cookie Muffs”. This unique recipe is a clever hybrid between a cookie and a muffin, effectively a cookie in the shape of a muffin, hence the cheeky name. Following their fun and easy recipe, and with the help of Currys PC World top of the range cooking utensils, we had a flour, butter and chocolate-filled evening. I won’t go into full baking detail as I’m not a chef, but here’s an idea of how easy the recipe is:

We mixed together our ingredients to create a cookie dough, placed round pieces of dough into the muffin tin, melted some chocolate and poured it into the bottom cookie dough, put another layer of cookie dough on the top, popped them into the oven, had a glass of champers, waited for the timer to buzz, dolloped some ice-cream on top of our Cookie Muffs and devoured them in the blink of an eye. Deeeeeeeeeee-licious and crazily simple!

It was a delightfully chocolatey evening and such a pleasure to meet this sweet pair. I’m so looking forward to seeing where the Meringue Girls take their business, I’m sure they’ll be popping up on the London baking scene much more. From famous colourful meringues to their second cookery book, there is nothing stopping these two! So if you fancy trying out this easy-peasy recipe, you can find all the details at the end of the post. Best of luck to you all and just remember one thing….try not to eat them all at once!

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Thank you Alex Wallace Photography for this last shot (I didn’t get chance to snap our Cookie Muff as we’d eaten them too quickly haha! #Typical)



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