Happy Halloween to you all! Hope you’ve all had a frighteningly fabulous weekend filled with tricks, treats and scares. Before you get spooky withdrawals, I’m going to nurse your Halloween hangovers and carry on the ghastly trend with a quick tour of Highgate’s eerie, yet stunning cemetery I recently visited.

The resting place for a number of notable names such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren and Douglas Adams, this cemetery is both a history lesson and a tranquil haven of remembrance. It stretches over acres and acres in north London and is home to graves dating back hundreds of years. Walking around was like being on set of a medieval film, the graves etched in beautiful calligraphy, bordered with an overgrowth of rustic vine.

What makes the cemetery so interesting is the fact that it was actually left unattended for over 15 years (1960-75), since socially burials were becoming less extravagant and the funding to manage the 50,000+ graves was just not there. Consequently, there is this almost wild, rugged nature about the cemetery, less pristine than you can imagine, making it almost like stepping back in time.

I did visit a couple of weeks ago, but I can imagine that right now, with the fiery autumn leaves, it’s an absolutely amazing sight to see. I actually couldn’t believe how vast it was given that it’s not far from central London, we visited the west side as the east is only accessible on a guided tour, so I can imagine there is so much more to explore. So for today, I chose a selection of my favourite snaps for you to cast your eyes over and have a taste of how beautiful the cemetery is. If you are feeling like you’re not quite over the spooky spell just yet, spend an afternoon here and get the chance to discover a new side to London you’ve never seen before!

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Visit the cemetery: http://highgatecemetery.org



  1. November 5, 2015 / 03:12

    These photos are really beautiful! Cannot wait to see your next post:)


  2. November 5, 2015 / 06:50

    Love it!Kisses from Ibiza.

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