It’s that time of year again, when the temperatures start dropping, the leaves start falling and of course, the zombies, Draculas and demons come out to play! What I love most about Halloween is that it’s like a fantastical warm-up to all the festivities to come. When you’ve dug out your ‘go-to’ black cat costume, you always know that the Christmas season is just around the corner, so what better reason than to start celebrating!

Of course, everyone’s favourite part of Halloween is pretending to be a zombie chasing people like a mentalist trick-or-treating!! I remember going from house to house when I was younger and coming back with a bag full sweets the weight of a small elephant. Like most hyper-active children at Halloween, I would then proceed to eat this tonne of sweets and slowly turn green from the sugar-high stomach ache. Nevertheless, getting the chance to eat a year’s worth of goodies in one night was always worth it!!!

One spot in London who always has the best Halloween treats, and decorations, is Fortnum & Mason. I popped in there recently to have a quite look at what spooky delights they had in store this year, and, as always, I left with a smile. Walking in, I was met with the most wicked displays of beautiful autumnal orange leaves, covered in spider webs and black crows. There were ghostly Halloween baskets, dracula’s dentures, fresh veins, chocolate skulls – all the ghastly candies you could imagine! They even have a selection of perfect pumpkins waiting to be carved. It’s like a one-stop-shop for getting into the spooky mood. So if you have your costume ready to roll but need some treats to get your Halloween started, head down to Fortnum & Mason, their array of gruesome goodies is sure to scare you out of your skin!!

Happy Halloween!

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