It’s the last day today of the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition in London, the last chance you have to step into the world of Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection.

Last Saturday I visited the exhibition, ready to be transformed into an elegant Louis Lady. With each and every room tantalising the senses, the exhibition was effectively an artistic interpretation of the creative process behind the recent fashion week show. Through a reconstruction of the actual catwalk and interviews with the runway models, they brought to life the whole experience of the show, from the birth of an idea to the final showcase. And as you made your way around, it became evident just how much goes into these world-renowned creations. Whether precise laser-cutting, or hours of impeccable hand-stitching, the passion and intensity was evident throughout. It was particularly special having the opportunity to see bags being constructed live, highlighting in the flesh just how much goes into achieving the final product.

I enjoyed the exhibition for its eye-opening element, its reminder that when you buy into a brand such as Louis Vuitton, you buy into a history, into a labour of love dating 150 years. And that’s something I admire so much about heritage brands: they have a story. I just wish now that I could just turn back the clocks and see what the first shop was like back in 1854, go and speak to Mr. Vuitton himself and tell him that his brand would grow to be one of the most household names all over the world. Now wouldn’t that be an adventure…

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