I love fashion inspired by geometry. There is something powerful about lines, shapes and colours put together to form stunning wearable creations. When I had the chance to shoot these incredible pieces created by designer Nathalie Trad, I couldn’t wait.

A Middle Eastern designer who grew up in my hometown, Dubai, takes inspiration from natural shapes and designs, deconstructing them to form beautiful pieces. Each of her clutches and jewellery feature natural pearls sourced from the Philippines, which are cut and crafted by hand making each and every piece unique. I was mesmerised by the colours, shapes and sizes of all of the pieces… I wanted them all!

When thinking how I could best feature the clutches on my blog, I initially thought about photographing them by the sea, creating a link between the birth of the pearls under to water, to their final destination to create these iconic accessories. However, I felt it would take away too much from their intricate details. In the end, I chose to shoot them in Canary Wharf, an area in London known for it’s amazing modern architecture and geometric sprawl, which offers and clean and elegant backdrop for these beauties.

If there was ever a piece I would invest in, to take any outfit to the next level and stand out from the crowd, it would have to be one of these…. Not only are you buying a piece of unique fashion, but something with a story and a link to our natural world. This truly is design at its very best.

Check out more of Nathalie Trad’s pieces here: http://www.nathalietrad.com/en

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