Edinburgh! What a beautiful city. It was my first time visiting over the Bank Holiday weekend we’ve just had, and it definitely won’t be my last. Myself and a group of friends made it a pact that this year we would attend the Fringe festival in Edinburgh – such a great decision!

For those of you who don’t know what the Fringe is, it’s a month long festival held during August when the city is taken over by theatre productions performed throughout venues all over the centre. From musical theatre, to stand-up comedy and ballet, there is something for everyone, which is exactly why I loved it! Imagine a beautiful city by the sea, bursting with live music, free theatre every corner you turn and enough whisky-tasting bars to last you a lifetime…. amazing!

We spent three wonderful days exploring the city, dotting in and out of shows and climbing 250m hills…! I was in love with the architecture and romance of the city. Far smaller than London, it’s a bit more manageable, so ideal for a weekend break. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s central pedestrianised street, was like an immersive theatre show, tantalising all the senses. One minute you’re approached by colourful Korean dancers, the next minute a man is juggling swords on a tight-rope. I also discovered some of the best musicians while there, who I will put onto my list to download asap…

One of my favourite parts of the trip was climbing up the huge hill right outside the city, named Arthur’s Seat after King Arthur himself. You can see it from the centre, people dotted on the top like little ants. We were blessed with three days of sunshine while there, so the view we got was just unreal. What made it even more special was the three bagpipe players who had also climbed up with us. They had decided to spend the morning playing beautiful Scottish music overlooking the city – you can’t ask for a better introduction to Scotland than that! It made the moment truly special…

Although we were only there for a few days, I do have a few recommendations of sweet places I discovered whilst there, so if any of you are heading over do check these out:

  • Angels with Bagpipes: A restaurant serving scottish delights on the Royal Mile. Delicious food and right in the centre of the city!
  • Mary’s Milk Bar: The best ice cream in Edinburgh. Make sure you try the chocolate and lavender!
  • The Tower: We experience afternoon tea at the Tower restaurant. While the tea was highly recommended, the view wasn’t so much! It’s a gorgeous place for a tea/coffee break, but the view of the castle isn’t as clear as it states on the site…
  • The Wee Pub: Head to this tiny establishment for a cold pint in Scotland’s smallest pub, hence The Wee Pub 😉
  • Silent Disco tour with Guru Dudu: This Aussie is a legend. We signed up for the tour where we found ourselves singing and dancing in a huge group walking around the city – it was genuinely the most fun ever! If he ever comes to your city, put on your dancing shoes quick 🙂

Get the Fringe Festival on your list for next summer. It’s such a culturally fulfilling way to spend a long weekend and there truly is something for everyone!!

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  1. September 6, 2015 / 20:23

    These photographs are remarkable! I need you to come to my town and take all of my blog shoots for me! Haha! I would have loved this trip, so much culture to take in! I love your blog, by the way. I’m so glad I came across it this morning! I’ll be coming back on the regular! <3

    Love, Kristyn Cole
    Contrast of Effect | Instagram

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