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As I write this post I’m sat on the deck of a boat, watching a picturesque sunset disappear beyond the horizon. Having spent a beautiful four days of Mykonian paradise, we’re now making our way back to the Greek mainland to finish off this year’s summer in Athens.

Summer in Europe is incomplete without at least a few days of Mediterranean adventure. This holiday, the adventure came in the form of dancing on tables, quad-bike riding, discovering secret beaches, watching sunsets, enjoying overly-expensive ice-cream coffees, and of course lots of clear blue sea…In the next few days, I’ll post up a detailed guide to Mykonos to give you all lots of tips on beaches, restaurants, places to go out and where to stay. I was lucky enough to be guest of two great hotels during my time there, both of which I would highly recommend.

For now though, I leave with you a collection of the sweetest little island doorways I couldn’t take my eyes off. It’s easy to get lost in the idyllic walkways of Mykonos’ Chora (town) and I always wondered how people would find their way home in this white maze. I guess that’s why each and every one of them has to make their special mark, making them all picture perfect…

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