I love gold jewellery, particularly in summer. The warm yellow tones always look beautiful against sun-kissed skin. So, as this wonderful season is now in full-swing I thought I would do a little round-up of my favourite summer jewellery trends.
Starting with pearls…(above) Who can go wrong with those classic beauties? What I love about the pearl trend nowadays is how brands design them with a more edgy look in mind, changing the perception that pearls are only to be worn by little old grandmas!
(Ring: Topshop, Necklaces: Zara)
All photos by me

Thin lines is my next current obsession. Gold jewellery has always been elegant but these dainty pieces are like flecks of shimmer on your skin – that little bit of frosting to dress up a casual outfit after a day at the beach.
(All: H&M)
We can’t forget, of course, the 70’s festival chick trend. It’s all about layers on the neck and stacking on the wrists – the more the better. I love this trend because you can pretty much grab all of your favourite pieces, wear them together, and you’ll still look like you’ve just stepped out of a weekend at Coachella.
(Necklaces: Zara, Accessorize, Ring: River Island, Earrings: H&M)
Finally, cuffs and chokers have finally made a comeback. I remember when black wire chokers were in fashion in the 90’s, I guess fashion repeats itself… So, I wonder if that means I’d better head home and raid my high-school wardrobe? Most likely not!!
(Necklace & Ring: H&M, Bracelet: Forever 21)

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