Living near water in London is a definite luxury. It’s amazing how only a few years ago the London Docklands was just another industrial area that people wouldn’t be seen dead in. Now it’s home to some of the most gorgeous little pockets full of character, and on a sunny day is a pretty good alternative to being by the sea.

One of my favourite areas is the Limehouse Basin. You can see some of my Instagram pics below – it’s full of colourful boats, seagulls and of course, flats that we all wish we could live in! If you’re looking for a great place to eat in the area, try The Narrow (third picture below). It’s a restaurant set up by Gordon Ramsay with the most amazing views right on the Thames. (I haven’t tried them but the fish and chips look delicious :p)
Another little gem for a perfect hangover cure, in the same area, is a pub called The Grapes. It’s a tiny traditional place with crooked floors, steep staircases and serves a delicious Sunday roast for £10.95! Granted it’s not fine-dining but located right on the river, it’s the cutest place for a bite on a Sunday afternoon.
There are of course sooo many more areas to see, this just being one tiny corner, but that is the beauty of London. As they say, when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life! So, keep discovering!

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