A garden in the sky…who would have thought? Well last Sunday, that’s just where I found myself: sat in the clouds above the streets of London, gazing across the horizon from the latest architectural wonder that this city has to boast.

As we approached the glass beast at 20 Fenchurch Street, it dawned on us just how much of a design marvel it really is. The closer we stood to the main entrance, the more the building bent over us like a raincloud engulfing the sky. We headed in for our two-hour slot and zipped up in the lift straight to the 35th floor within seconds. 
The view that stood before us was truly amazing. The most striking element of the Sky Garden is its duplex design. With taller, larger glass panes you feel as though you are flying high above the city. As you can see from the photographs, the place is filled with tropical greenery that created a more cosy atmosphere to break the harsh winter air. Making our way through the garden, it was wonderful to spend an un-crowded afternoon watching the world go by. Such a treat to visit a popular London attraction without crowds of people pushing and shoving to reach the view.
Having booked a slot in the Sky Pod, we had the option of simply taking in the view, or grabbing a coffee from the bar (or in our case a cheeky glass of prosecco 😉 That’s another great part – you get to experience a gorgeous view without having to spend a fortune! That said, there are of course a few dining options for those seeking dinner with a bella vista 🙂

All in all, definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately we weren’t blessed with an afternoon of blue skies, but I’m certain that come summer the views will only improve. Oh and if you are visiting in the next couple of months, be sure to keep your coat on… we were absolutely frozen up there!


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