So, you wake up on a Saturday morning on a sunny day in London thinking “IT’S THE WEEKEND! What shall I do?” With it being one of the most exciting and inspiring cities in the world, the obvious answer for those of us who are lucky enough to live here is: steer clear from any tourist traps! There are so many quirky and different things to do that crowds, screaming children and cameras are the last thing you want on your weekend… Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the London Eye are therefore all no-go areas for whoever wants some peace and quiet on their day off. 
Last week, however, on a perfect crispy and cold day in January, I decided that it would be the ideal  moment to become a tourist again in my own city. I was actually inspired by a blog I had come across called Grease & Glamour. Written by a girl running after her dreams, in one specific post she speaks about living in NYC for years and how she has never visited some of it’s most iconic monuments. It’s amazing how time can pass you by and you realise all of the things that you’ve never had the chance to do in the city where you live… So I grabbed my camera and headed straight for the Thames.
No matter how many crowds, how many cameras, or how many street artists, you really can’t beat even the most touristic areas of London on a beautiful day. So today, I’m sharing with you some glimpses of being a visitor on your own doorstep. Have a go, I’m sure there are hundreds of things to do in your city that you’ve left to the tourists and never tried yourself! Off now to book a tour of the London Dungeons… it just has to be done 🙂 


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