Back in Milan, I had the chance to shoot these gorgeous clothes by upcoming Jewish designer, Michal. Mixing together rich fabrics with soft tones, she has successfully created a classic collection that has a unique edge to it. I put a twist on the collection giving the look a sleek finish in this ultramodern location. Lucky enough to shoot on a beautiful bright day in Italy, we were able to bring out a beautiful contrast of the bright blue sky against the dull grey buildings and walls. 

I’m also pleased to say that this shoot was featured in a local online magazine in Israel. It’s so great to see your work live for others to view… even if it is written in a language you don’t speak!! After all, they do say a picture speaks a thousand words 😉 
Click here for the article
Styling: Natalie Czyzyk
Makeup: Sabrina Esposito
Model: Marina Roma

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