Often known as London by the sea,  Brighton is the quirky coastal city that offers a breath of fresh sea air to the fast pace of capital city life. Having recently moved back to London, I’m slowly getting back into the exciting and full-on lifestyle we live there, but equally I’m reminded of the wonderful moments created when you take a short break to the wonderful English seaside.

Before autumn made its way to our front door, I took a little day trip to beautiful Brighton. There is something magical about the British coast that you don’t find in many other places in the world. It’s a different kind of “beach break” than you find in other holiday destinations, but I believe it has it’s own little pinch of sparkle. The buzzing piers, freshly cooked doughnuts, colourful sea huts, stripy beach chairs, funfairs on the edge of the water and of course, a generous helping of piping hot fish and chips. 
As inspiring as London is, big city life can sometimes just feel like you’re part of a constant marathon maze of commuters, coffee and chaos. This moment to stand and smell the fresh sea air, feel smooth beach rocks in your hands and taste sweet Brighton rock opened a pandora’s box of new creativity, so naturally, with my camera in tow I got a little snappy-happy! Make sure you get yourself down to the seaside even just for a day… And don’t forget to try the fish and chips from Harry Ramsden’s opposite Brighton Pier – some of the best I’ve ever tasted 🙂


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