A lot of changes have been happening over my side recently, so I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in terms of creativity and writing… I guess that happens to everyone ! Anyway, I thought seeing as we are in the heart of summer, and I’m jealous of everyone’s sunshine getaways, it would be the perfect time to share my photos of stunning Sardinia 🙂

I visited Sardinia for the first time this June… my first taste of an Italian summer! When researching before, I couldn’t believe how big it was. Given that my usual destination is the Greek islands, I’m used to tiny islands, hopping on a moped from beach to beach.. so 4.5 hours from top to bottom came as a surprise! Consequently, a car was a number one ‘must-have’ on the Sardinian holiday list…
We were staying in a beautiful holiday house resort named Costa Paradiso, in the very north of the island. Cagliari, the biggest city, was therefore out of the question on a six day trip… unless you want to drive for hours! The Costa Paradiso is famous for its breathtaking landscape of jagged red rocks spilling down towards the blue sea. You find pools of clear turquoise water in between the angry rocky coastline, it’s just unreal… What’s more, the entire resort faces the sunset, so every evening we were blessed with the most stunning views… Not much more you can ask for on holiday really!
Given that we were on the island in June, the beaches were bearably busy – so I would definitely recommend the earlier in the summer the better! We noticed this the most when visiting La Pelosa beach, the most famous (and usually busiest) on the island. If you have the chance, you must head over… the sea was as clear and light blue as a swimming pool – I’ve never seen anything like it! Spend the day there and then head up to the Chamaleon Cafe for a sundowner with a full view of the incredible Mediterranean sea…
What I loved most about Sardinia was the variety of landscape. You can drive for miles and miles and see your surroundings transform before your eyes! I’m certain that if I visited again, staying in another part of the island, I would have a totally different experience. And that’s just the beauty of summer… discovering, relaxing, switching off…all the while trying to get the most golden tan in history!
Enjoy the pics and make sure next summer you get a trip booked over to this gorgeous little summer wonder!


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