Today’s brief: Creating a tropical paradise on a cloudy day in the Italian mountains… 
where do you even start?!

As part of a personal creative styling project that my stylist, Vichi, had to complete back in May, we were given the task of somehow teleporting our model to a tropical wonderland, in order to shoot her tropical-boho outfits. Bring it on! Creativity stretched to the max!
We wanted lots of greenery and hints of bright colours throughout. The fabulous tropical plants we were able to source made all the difference. I loved the bold prints against the tranquil greenery in the background… It challenged us to play with textures and angles, and for me personally to work on the crop of my shots, to make sure there were no unnecessary details that would divert attention from our man-made tropical paradise!!
So, why “Tropical Rain” – well, as you may have guessed, it was an extremely rainy day that involved us shooting during a heavy shower – me with a cardboard box over my head and the rest of the team drenched!….You do what you have to do to get the shot!
Hope you like the outcome 🙂
Model: Hanna Wesslau, 2Morrow Models
Stylist: Vittoria Vitali
Makeup: Elisa Zocchi

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