Picture London, England, the mid to late 60’s. Fashion, music and politics are turning over a new leaf – the leaf of freedom, of making a change. It was the decade that all the rules were broken and that young people finally had a say.
And this was my inspiration for today’s shoot. 

When I found out I had the chance to work with Ralph Lauren’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection, I was over the moon. Taking a first look at what to choose with my stylist, Vittoria, the initial thought that came to mind was the film “Made in Dagenham” – about the 1968 women’s strike at the Ford Dagenham plant in the UK. I loved the women’s passion and the fact that wouldn’t just settle anymore. They wanted recognition and they wanted it now! 
So, my specs were 60’s with an attitude. Twiggy makeup and Jean Shrimpton hair brought the whole look together, taking us right back in time. My model Sofia was a pleasure to work with – she got right into the 60’s zone! Luckily I had the weather on my side as well, and shot on a grey day, exactly how it is most of the year in the UK haha. But I was honestly pleasantly surprised at the outcome. With the right choice of location, props and styling, you can literally create a story out of nowhere. It goes to show that it’s not always about spending heaps on location scouts or an amazing studio – it’s just about pushing yourself creatively and thinking outside the box.
They say that every editorial should have a story, so I hope you enjoy this story today, and are teleported back to one of the most interesting pop-culture decades of the 20th century.
Model: Sofia Mishchenko
Styling: Vittoria Vitali
MuA: Teresa Roberto
Hair Stylist: Viky Guasco


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