A couple of weeks ago we studied the art of portraiture. 

This class has to have been one of my favourite to date. We had the chance to test out a range of different types of lighting to find the one that we loved the most. As you can see below, I seem to have found mine 😉
What I love about this genre of photography is that you are challenged as a photographer to really bring out the personality of the individual. It’s not about the background, it’s not about what they’re wearing, it’s about them. It’s about tapping into their inner-person and finding a way for them to express who they are, all in the click of a shutter.
The pictures below are of a mixture of my classmates and some professional actors who agreed to pose for us. As you can see, we were enjoying a little bit of scarf creativity, which generated beautiful pattens on the background. I tried out a number of lighting techniques, but fell in love with one. I felt that it brought out all the endearing lines in the face, the lines that tell the story of your life, and that tell the viewer just a little bit more about who you really are.

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