Following on from my last course post sharing the shots from my first ever beauty shoot (here) today I’m pleased to show the results from my very first male fashion shoot.

When we were initially asked to prepare a theme and moodboard for our men’s shoot, the first thing that came to mind was, how in the world would I direct him? This whole course was my first experience working with professional models, let alone male models! 
I had no idea what to expect…
After having a look into general poses and getting some extra advice beforehand from our teacher, I felt a little more confident. However, given the fact that I was unsure about how I would direct the model, I decided to keep the lighting simple and fresh – one that wouldn’t hinder my connection with my subject.
We were asked to create a moodboard of our styling and the hair/makeup. I decided to go for a preppy-geek look, achieved simply by playing with various accessories such as bold glasses, vintage bags and bow-ties. I was really pleased with the turn-out overall, given the fact that we were limited with our styling options and couldn’t exactly dig into our own wardrobes for additional clothes…!!
It turned out to be a completely different experience than what I was expecting. In fact, the male models were so easy to work with. Their chilled, typical guy attitude meant that they just got straight into the zone, making the shoot and directing so much easier. Such professionals 🙂
A big thanks to my model Richard who features in these photos!

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