Walking around any city at night can feel somewhat eerie and sinister…It’s not exactly the best time of day to photograph, and yet, you can capture the most unique moments.
I took an evening stroll around Milan recently to discover exactly what there was to photograph. Would it be soulless? Would it feel threatening? In fact, it appeared to be the total opposite. Walking around an Italian city at night, you find yourself on a blank canvas of time. The ancient buildings, cosy cafes and empty streets which surround you, take you centuries back, allowing your imagination to see the city as it once was. It really is quite magical.
I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed for the city centre. Converting most images to black and white gave a wonderful vintage effect, to produce photographs that leave a question marks behind the date they were taken. And I suppose sometimes that’s exactly the beauty of photography – the ability to convey and portray an atmosphere through your lens that appears somewhat different to the naked eye… So, please enjoy a peek into beautiful city of Milano by night.


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