That time of year has come around where we reflect and review the year that has passed. We look back on what we’ve achieved, what experiences we’ve had and remember those moments of significance in our timeline of life. I, myself, have been thinking a lot recently on who I was a couple of years ago, a graduate fresh out of university, lost in our world of endless opportunity. I remember going through moments or confusion and frustration, wondering where my path would leave. Despite all of the mix-up, I gave myself a goal of January 2014 to have decided on a new chapter or route to pursue. At the time I thought there was no way that I would come up with something by then, but I slowly came to make a decision for myself.

2014 for me will be a big year of change and chance. The change will be my decision to move to on from Dubai, back to Europe. I’ve always dreamed of living somewhere full of culture and where I can learn a new language, so in January I will be moving to Milan. The element of chance will come about with my choice to pursue my love for photography on a professional level. I’ll be taking part in a Fashion Photography course at the Istituto di Fotografia to start off my new chapter behind the lens.

I have also taken the time to review the blog that I’ve been posting since 2012. I’ve loved the challenge of putting together new content; writing, shooting creating new ideas – it’s been both enjoyable and difficult at times, but that’s just the beauty. And although I feel that I’ve improved throughout this past year, after speaking with friends and family I’ve come to realise that there is a change in content that I’ve got to make.
From January onwards I’ll discontinue my ‘style’ series where I pose as the subject. As much as I have enjoyed creating these entries – styling the outfit, choosing the location, I don’t feel that they fit in with the professional road I seek to travel on: becoming a successful photographer. From fashion, to weddings and travel, in all future posts on the blog, I will now remain the behind the camera 🙂 
And so I leave you with one thought for your new year:

Make this the year to take a chance and do something you’ve always wanted to do, grab every opportunity that crosses your path. Make this year, your year, and love every bit of it.

Here is a to a great 2014 for each and everyone one of you – may all of your dreams come true!


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