There is something charming about the hustle and bustle of a big city. Sitting watching the world go by, following the seasons as they change, or exploring something new and hidden away whenever you have the chance. I’ve been thinking about that and missing it a little recently. Dubai, a more modern city, doesn’t quite have that same charm that other places offer, somewhat lacking in history and authenticity – but that said, it is definitely getting there and building a personality for itself. 
I read a great article about photography yesterday (here), which spoke about how and where creative people find their inspirations. It asks questions that often come to mind when craving the spark of a new idea, such as if trawling through other people’s work helps, or whether we should force creativity until there’s basically is none left. In fact, inspiration often comes from the more simple things in life, taking in and observing what the small world around you has to offer. Many of history’s creative successes have sung, painted, or written about life’s simple nothings. Whether a song about banana pancakes, or graffiti on a wall – rather than trying to reinvent what already exists, open your eyes and take a second look just where you are. 
Growing up, you realise the things that both inspire and challenge you as a person. Whether it’s a solid career you strive for, or simply the place in which you choose to live. I’m looking forward very much to a change I decided to make for myself in early 2014 (I’ll tell you more about that closer to the time) that stems from a need of new inspirations, new beginnings. But, like most people my age, I’m still trying to find the industry, location, lifestyle etc that completes me as a person. I have realised, however, that you probably won’t ever find all of the answers, you just have to enjoy the ride! See where life takes you and never stop learning.
And so, I leave you with photographs of some of the places in the world that inspire me. Having travelled a lot throughout my life, new faces and places always add a spark to my candle of creativity. So, tell me, what is the fuel to your fire of creative imagination?
Photos of Athens, Istanbul, Milan, Mykonos, New York, Madrid, London 

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