This is hands-down, my favourite shoot to date.
The location, a tiny church set on the edge of a cliff, is a place dear to me. The Agios Nikolaos church is just a 15 minute drive from our house in Greece and sits overlooking a beautiful port named Rafina, where we catch our boats to the islands. Every summer we make an effort to visit the church and light a candle, whilst watching the sunset. The view is just perfect. Evidently, this was one of the locations I had to shoot at whilst there this year.
As I mentioned in another shoot in Greece – the light you find in the country is just beautiful. Even when I spent time in Athens during winter last year, a sunny day lit up the entire city, bringing out all the colours of the rainbow. Just look at how rich the blue of the sky and sea are – and this was at midday when the light is at its most harsh. You can also see the church is totally white, with rounded edges. This architecture is similar to that you find on the islands, so it gives an island feel to the area.
There were two things I wanted to incorporate in my outfit for the church in Rafina: 
the colour blue, and a hint of Ancient Greece.
The choice of blue evidently came from the colours of the location choice – the backdrop of the deep blue sea and vast sky, as well as the blue and white church. Accordingly, I chose blue, white and gold as my three colours. I found this skirt in Mango a few months ago and fell in love with the print – it was perfect for this shoot. The pattern is so rich and yet almost gypsy at the same time, and its floaty material and length helped me keep in line with the Ancient Greek feel. As most Greek statues show, the style at the time was always about long layers of textured and rich materials.
I chose gold as the jewellery colour to compliment the look. My bracelet, which was bought in Santorini, is based on the pattern of the ‘Greek key‘, whilst the twisted necklace I found in Mykonos mirrors olive tree wreathes – an iconic image of the ancient era. Finally, the gold ring I wore was lent to me by aunt who explained that the design is actually one based on jewellery created in ancient Greece. 
Top: Zara Basic
Skirt: Mango
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bracelet: Found in Santorini
Necklace: Found in Mykonos
Earrings: Accessorize
Hat: Accessorize



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