Mykonos…what an amazing place!
I visited the island again this summer, for the fourth time in fact, because I love it just that much! This time I took my best friend Pasca along with me to give her an introduction to Greece, as she had never been before… and she loved it!

Although Greece has thousands of islands to visit – Mykonos is one that you have just GOT to see. What gives it its uniqueness is that the stunning traditional island architecture consists not only of luxurious white villas and sweet seaside beach houses, but even an area coined “Little Venice” after the Italian rule, full of little bars and restaurants (it also plays home to a pelican called Petros, but unfortunately we didn’t see him this holiday!) So, whether you’re on a family trip, visiting for your honeymoon or wild party-going island-hoppers, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time – and that’s what I love most about it! Being a cosmopolitan, world-renowned island, it brings in the top DJs and puts on crazy parties, but equally attracts class and top brands!
Consequently, it’s not the most “traditional Greek” of all the islands, but one where you can go and have a good party, whilst also finding yourself surrounded by some of the most beautiful summer scenery in the world. And I’ve got to be honest, I’m yet to find a seaside (others might disagree!!) that rivals the water you find in Greece on the islands – it is unbeatable. No matter how many people or parties, the sea remains crystal blue and unbelievably refreshing…. 
I love looking around the stores in Mykonos too, because its such an international island so a lot of designers open shops there. In particular, you can find many Italian brands, with the island being so close to Italia. My favourite thing to window shop for is jewellery, especially gold. With influences from ancient Greece, Greek jewellery designs are exquisite and timeless. I took a shot of some in one of my photographs below.
Hope you enjoy a few of my shots that I took while there – including ones of pretty Pasca who I forced to pose for me haha! Excited to show them to you as I absolutely love travel photography. 
Oh, and if you ever get the chance to visit Mykonos…DO IT!


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  1. Anonymous
    August 18, 2013 / 05:30

    Incredible pictures.. .I love Mykonos 2

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